Our Products

Social Profit Calculator

Calculate the value of what you do simply and effectively using a Social Value UK & Social Value International accredited platform.

Social Value Procurement Portal

Designed for the Public Sector and Framework Providers to analyse the social impact of their procurements so they can score bids and maximise social value.

Impact Measurement App

Save time and resources using mobile App technology to engage with your users and measure your impact.

Bespoke tools and services

One size rarely fits all – we can create a bespoke Social Value Calculator Platform, Procurement Portal and Impact Measurement App to meet your business requirements.

Your Value – And How We Calculate It

Cost Benefit Analysis

Cost Benefit Analysis to identify the fiscal and economic savings you create for Government and taxpayers.

Social Value Analysis

Social Value Analysis to measure how you improve the wellbeing of the people, families and communities you engage with.

Impact Metrics and Calculating SROI

All of our products use impact metrics to avoid over-claiming and accurately calculating your SROI.


Local Economic Benefit Analysis

Local Economic Benefit Analysis to understand how your organisation or project supports local economic growth.

GVA Labour Productivity

Understand your Economic Impact using Gross Value Added (GVA) labour productivity metrics.

Environmental Impact and Sustainability

Use Environmental Impact Metrics to understand the real value of your sustainability strategy.


Software Product Solutions

As creators of Social Profit Calculator, we also specialise in developing and maintaining bespoke software solutions, solely aimed at meeting the needs of your business.

Analytics and Research

We provide superior performance metrics and analytics to identify opportunities in operations and enable smarter decisions. This creates ‘added value’, transforming your projects and whole business to be beneficial for all parties.

Bid and Tender Writing

One expertise in procurement, tendering and bid writing has generated over £50 million in income for businesses, charities and clients over the past five years. We can carefully manage your tenders and bids throughout procurements and funding processes.

Social Value Training

Empower yourself, your people and your organisation using our training and products, to become skilled in a range of calculation techniques:


Social Return on Investment (SROI)

✔ Cost Benefit Analysis

✔ Social Value Analysis


Economic Impact Analysis

✔ Local Economic Benefit (LM3)

✔ Gross Value Added


Impact Measurement

✔ Theory of Change

✔ Tools and Techniques



The Social Profit Calculator is suitable for all web browsers and compatible with all PC tablet and mobile applications.


The tool is flexible enough to provide past, current and future analysis of the value you create. We use HM Treasury tools to increase or decrease the financial value for outcomes within the period of your analysis.


Make use of tried and tested methodologies from HM Treasury Cost Benefit Analysis and Cabinet Office Social Return on Investment(SROI) modelling.


5,000 outcomes, values and impact metrics for calculating SROI

227 Regional Spending Proxies for Local Economic Benefit Analysis

3,405 Regional, Sub-regional and local GVA values for labour productivity


We make the Social Profit Calculator fit your business needs and goals with a bespoke database and platform with an easy to use interface, dashboards and reporting.


The Social Profit Calculator is accredited by Social Value UK and Social Value International.